University Values 
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{"id":"3604","title":"University Values","description":[{"cont":"<h2><strong>Core Values<\/strong><\/h2> <p>&nbsp;<\/p> <p><strong>Core values are considered as the operational framework for individuals&rsquo; communication in and outside the university, in order to achieve the university&rsquo;s strategic priorities and to pursuit achieving its missions and the university rates the following values:<\/strong><\/p> <h3><strong>Excellence:<\/strong><\/h3> <p><strong>The University seeks to score the utmost level of excellence while practicing and evaluating applied subjects in education, learning, and iovation.<\/strong><\/p> <h3><strong>Creativity:<\/strong><\/h3> <p><strong>The University facilitates a perfect atmosphere for its members for encouraging creativity by finding opportunities for dialogue with the aim of finding a high stature position among world universities; exceptional to individuals&rsquo; readiness for receiving education, but rather by continued exertion to achieving superior knowledge in subjects studied.<\/strong><\/p> <h3><strong>Continued Education and Learning:<\/strong><\/h3> <p><strong>The University is committed to supporting the process of education and learning on campus and outside, in addition to stimulating intellectual thinking and continued society&rsquo;s welfare.<\/strong><\/p> <h3><strong>Responsiveness:<\/strong><\/h3> <p><strong>The University is devoted to be affirmative in studying its essentials and being flexible regarding problem solving<\/strong><\/p> <h3><strong>Governance:<\/strong><\/h3> <p><strong>The University is embracing a comprehensive set of regulations, instructions, and laws, which aims to accomplish high quality in its educational outcomes.<\/strong><\/p> <h3><strong>Community Service:<\/strong><\/h3> <p><strong>The University is loyal in interaction with the society by building up local enthusiastic partnerships, which will enable finding continued training and educational programs.<\/strong><\/p> <h3><strong>Globalization:<\/strong><\/h3> <p><strong>The University is dedicated to become accustomed with the international standards for the educational and learning process by conducting inclusive appropriate comparisons.<\/strong><br \/> <br \/> &nbsp;<\/p> ","video_link":"0","img":"5a36979bb1feb_1.png"}],"img":"5a36979bb1feb_1.png","link_url":"","link_txt":"0","cat_id":"13","art_flag":"2","lang":"en","created_date":"1504084240","meta_description":"Middle East University core values","meta_keyword":"Middle East University,MEU,Core values,values,preparing leaders","title_slug":"","sortorder":"0"}