Chairman of the Board of Trustees 
middle east university jordan جامعة الشرق الاوسط الشرق الاوسط للدراسات للدراسات العليا جامعة الدراسات العليا جامعة اردنية
{"id":"4122","title":"Chairman of the Board of Trustees","description":[{"cont":"<p>God has honored the sons of Adam, when He sent them prophets with divine messages, guided them and their descendants to the right, goodness and reconstruction of the world by work, science and knowledge. Here, I undertake the trust and carry out the message, by establishing the Middle East University, drawing the excellence as a strategic option, that enables it to perform its mission and achieve its objectives, to be able to accommodate all the global changes and technological developments and employ them to the service of humanity.<\/p> <p>&nbsp;The excellence that we seek in the Middle East University requires us to harness the physical and moral capital to deepen the knowledge of its members, as knowledge is the ability for survival, development and sophistication.The University has provided a special environment, and attracted the elite characteristic of qualified teachers. It has also provided carefully prepared lesson plans by relevant experts, and a deliberate approach that links between the theoretical study and reality, able to embrace an ambitious student, and graduate a qualified leader to compete and prove the self nationally and globally.<\/p> <p>&nbsp;The uniqueness of the university life that characterizes our university is related to the legislation of religious and national commitments and ideals. It is also linked to the strict discipline, compliance with laws, regulations and instructions, and its ability to employ academic freedom and administrative responsibility for the payment of this institution to greater prosperity and development.<\/p> <p>&nbsp;Our constant belief is that knowledge is trust, work is responsibility, the rule of law is sacred, and public morals are cultural heritage and human values must be adhered to and maintained.<\/p> ","title2":"Dr. Yacoub Nasereddin","title3":" Official Website for Dr. Yacoub Nasereddin","title4":"","video_link":"0","img":"5a2cf300b8eb3_1.jpg"}],"img":"5a2cf300b8eb3_1.jpg","link_url":"","link_txt":"0","cat_id":"13","art_flag":"3","lang":"en","created_date":"1512895232","meta_description":"","meta_keyword":"","title_slug":"","sortorder":"0"}