Australian Ambassador praises Middle East University’s experience in openness to the international academic sphere 
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{"id":"5576","title":"Australian Ambassador praises Middle East University\u2019s experience in openness to the international academic sphere","description":[{"cont":"

    Amman – Chairman of Middle East University’s Board of Trustees, Dr. Yacoub Nasereddin, received the Australian Ambassador to Jordan, Mr. Miles Armitage, and his accompanying delegation to deliberate means of academic cooperation between the University and Australian universities.<\/big><\/strong><\/p>

    Dr. Nasereddin confirmed that the University seeks, through these deliberations, the augmentation of its objective to establish new international academic partnerships with prestigious universities, to eventually benefit from international expertise in knowledge transformation, which in turn serves the University’s strategic plan that involves its access to the international sphere. Moreover, the meeting was attended by Vice-President, Prof. Mahmoud Al Wadi; Assistant to the President for International Relations and Cooperation, Dr. Sara Nasereddin; Dean of International Programmes, Dr. Hisham Abu Saymeh; and Dean of Pharmacy, Dr. Ammar Maaytah.<\/big><\/p>

    In his turn, Mr. Armitage praised Middle East University’s experience in networking with international prestigious universities, and its journey towards openness to recent developments in academic, applied, and research fields. He expressed his hope to establish true strategic partnership between the University and Australian universities, especially in terms of hosting academic programmes and exchanging teaching expertise.<\/big><\/p>

    The meeting included the projection of an introductory video of Middle East University; reviewing its journey and the developments it has witnessed since its foundation, its mission, objectives, achievements, as well as majors and offered programmes. His Excellency also toured the University’s facilities, and viewed the proceedings of Media Training and Development Center, as well as the advanced equipment it holds. <\/big><\/p>

    It is worth mentioning that Middle East University hosts a number of the British University of Bedfordshire’s programmes in multiple BA, MA, and PhD majors. The University currently holds a joint programme with the University of Strathclyde in the field of Pharmacy, and also works to establish further joint programmes with other international universities.<\/big><\/p> ","video_link":"0","img":"5cac5e52e106b_1.jpg"}],"img":"5cac5e52e106b_1.jpg","link_url":"","link_txt":"0","cat_id":"3","art_flag":"1","lang":"en","created_date":"1554800210","meta_description":"","meta_keyword":"","title_slug":"","sortorder":"0"}