MEU’s Library Department honors its frequenters of teaching and administrative staff and students 
middle east university jordan جامعة الشرق الاوسط الشرق الاوسط للدراسات للدراسات العليا جامعة الدراسات العليا جامعة اردنية
{"id":"5608","title":"MEU\u2019s Library Department honors its frequenters of teaching and administrative staff and students","description":[{"cont":"

    Amman – Middle East University’s President, Prof. Mohammad Mahmoud Al Hileh, honored a number of the University’s library’s frequenters of teaching and administrative staff, as well as students, within the events of Leading Student ceremony organized by the Library Department.<\/big><\/strong><\/p>

    University’s President confirmed the significance of reading, which constitutes the uplift of peoples and nations, stressing that this is the nation of Qur’an that was urged to read in Surah Al ‘Alaq, that was exhorted to educate oneself through reading.<\/big><\/p>

    In his turn, the Library Department’s Director, Mr. Ibrahim Al Fayoumi, stated that the University’s library is the beating heart of scientific research and the educational process, which correlates with the University’s vision that is based on preparing and qualifying future leaders.<\/big><\/p>

    University’s President handed the honorees with certificates of appreciation for their frequent visits to the library and borrowing of books. The honorees are: Dean of Educational Sciences, Dr. Hamzah Abdulfattah Al Assaf; Faculty member at the Faculty of Architecture and Design, Dr. Mahmoud Murad Abdulatif; Director of Engineering and Services Department, Mr. Fadi Fouad Al Refai; student Bushra Yousef Al Omeishat of the Faculty of Educational Sciences; student Yassin Ahmad Al Haddad of the Faculty of Engineering; and student Rashid Ammar Ramadan of the Faculty of Educational Sciences.<\/big><\/p>

    University’s President gifted the honorees copies of “Hakatha Ofaker” I Cogitate Thusly<\/em> by Dr. Yacoub Nasereddin, Chairman of Middle East University’s Board of Trustees, where he discusses his academic expertise and professional experiences in strategic practices.    <\/big><\/p> ","video_link":"0","img":"5cb32cdbb840c_1.jpg"}],"img":"5cb32cdbb840c_1.jpg","link_url":"","link_txt":"0","cat_id":"3","art_flag":"1","lang":"en","created_date":"1555246299","meta_description":"","meta_keyword":"","title_slug":"","sortorder":"0"}