Public Security and MEU inaugurate the events of “Fatabyyano” Initiative’s First International Conference 
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{"id":"5621","title":"Public Security and MEU inaugurate the events of \u201cFatabyyano\u201d Initiative\u2019s First International Conference","description":[{"cont":"

    On behalf of H.E. the Prime Minister, the Minister of Interior, Mr. Samir Mbaidin, inaugurated the events of “Fatabyyano” Initiative’s First International Conference, organized by Public Security Directorate (PSD) in cooperation with Middle East University (MEU). The conference was attended by the Minister of State for Media Affairs and Official Spokesperson of the Government, Ms. Jumana Ghunaimat; the Director of PSD, Major-General Fadel Al Hmoud; the Chairman of MEU’s Board of Trustees, Prof. Yacoub Nasereddin; the University’s President, Prof. Mohammad Al Hileh; and the Assistant Secretary-General of the Association of Arab Universities (AAU), Prof. Abdulrahim Al Huneiti, with the participation of a number of researchers from various Arab countries.<\/big><\/strong><\/p>

    The conference was found upon his Majesty King Abdullah II ibn Al Hussein’s directions in his opinion editorial Social or antisocial media? <\/em>to stress the necessity of identifying the risks that threaten the security and stability of our Jordanian community as a result of rumors and attempts of faltering national outlooks and the sensibility of the Jordanian position towards internal and external challenges alike.<\/big><\/p>

    Minister of State for Media Affairs, Ms. Jumana Ghunaimat, stated that we are in need of numerous constructive initiatives and conferences that spread awareness of the threats and harms of rumors on the community that befall our values and morals, for there surrounds us countless fake and fabricated news that seek the tarnish of our good reputation and faltering of our national security. Nonetheless, she expressed her belief, with the efforts and awareness of us all, in our ability to combat these rumors, stressing the youth’s role in combating fake news in order to steer clear of their harms and overcome the challenges ahead, and prevent any attempts of dividing our ranks.<\/big><\/p>

    Ghunaimat added that the combating of rumors requires our collective effort and responsibility, and that the Jordanian government has been working for a while now on elevating media statement and developing its tools to reveal all possible information and validate news. Therefore, it has launched “Haggak Te’ref” electronic platform, which aims to provide accurate information and abolish rumors through transparent, objective, and authentic news. In addition to the media education project that has lead to the formation of a national team that trains youth on dealing with social media platforms and how to dedicate those platforms to receive valid information, adopt critical thinking, and control information prior to its distribution in a way that serves the greater good.<\/big><\/p>

    Major-General Fadel Al Hmoud confirmed that PSD believes in a joint work methodology with national institutions and in all fields, for the necessity of joining efforts. Al Hmoud clarified that the role of educational institutions is not limited to the educational aspect, for it bears a great portion of social responsibility. He stressed the necessity to promote positive values pivotal for the protection of community from the effects of rumors and character assassination, to reasonably and thoughtfully evaluate trending news and information, and have facts and information available to citizens to limit the spread of rumors and untrustworthy or falsified or exaggerated news.<\/big><\/p>

    Director of PSD declared that the security of societies, in a world bustling with events and changes, is no longer an effort reserved to police forces, but it rather became a joint effort shared by national institutions and individuals to fulfill our ultimate objective to preserve the country’s income and resources and stand side by side behind our Hashemite leadership, looking forward to a safe future, brimming with love and unity, guided by justice and tolerance, and ruled by law. Our ultimate objective to raise a well-informed generation, capable of separating between useless and useful information and standing against those who attempt to offend our country, its citizens, and leadership.<\/big><\/p>

    In his turn, the Chairman of MEU’s Board of Trustees, Prof. Yacoub Nasereddin, proclaimed that this conference is a practical and academic response to the combating of fabricated news and rumors, and their effects on the country, its national figures, citizens, income, and ambitions. He confirmed that the youth are the main targets of agendas aiming to deceive them and instill doubt and frustration in their minds. Thus, they must, with their awareness and knowledge, stand against those campaigns that target their country, relying on their true nationalism and sure loyalty to their King, and values they were raised upon.<\/big><\/p>

    Meanwhile, the Assistant Secretary-General of AAU, Prof. Abdulrahman Huneiti, stated that upon AAU’s role in promoting and coordinating universities’ efforts to uplift education and scientific research, some of the priorities that lie ahead of universities today are the promotion of harmony and unity amongst the members of community, cementing the values of optimal use of media and social media platforms, and authentication of news and information before sharing it, for within it underlies the elements of disagreement and division, which in turn harms the community and threatens national unity.<\/big><\/p> ","video_link":"0","img":"5cc178daf10cf_1.jpg"}],"img":"5cc178daf10cf_1.jpg","link_url":"","link_txt":"0","cat_id":"3","art_flag":"1","lang":"en","created_date":"1556183258","meta_description":"","meta_keyword":"","title_slug":"","sortorder":"0"}