MEU Welcomes International Students

AMMAN – Middle East University welcomed the international programmes’ incoming freshmen of the 2019/2020 academic year during a reception ceremony organised by the Deanship of International Programmes. Dr. Ahmad Nasereddin, Member of the Board of Trustees, was in attendance and welcomed students, wishing them luck and success.
Incoming freshmen listened to a briefing about MEU’s accomplishments over the past decade, especially in the area of achieving international recognition through joint programmes. Two International partnerships and agreements with the universities of Bedfordshire and Strathclyde in the UK have given Jordanian students the unprecedented opportunity to enrol in a British graduate programme in pharmacy (MPharm), along with a selection of other jointly-run programmes hosted on MEU’s campus that award students prestigious British degrees.
In his address to students during the meeting, the Vice President for Scientific Faculties, Alaa’ Al Halhouli, emphasised that, “MEU aims to graduate well-rounded students with top employability skills” adding that, “MEU’s unique blend of teaching methods and extracurricular activities is guaranteed to offer students one of the best learning experiences in Jordan.”
Ms. Tricia Smart, Senior Lecturer at the University of Bedfordshire, attended the meeting, remarking that the joint partnership between the two universities was a source of pride for BEDS. “Education is the most promising window for establishing a cooperative relationship between the United Kingdom and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. The quality of a British education is recognised and respected globally, as four British universities currently hold positions in the international list of top ten universities. The UK also values innovation, which is what led a number of British universities to establish multiple partnerships with international institutions, allowing them to contribute to advanced research and participate in novel experiences. Currently, there are thousands of brilliant Jordanian youths who recognise the significance of education to their future and to the future of Jordan. The partnership between BEDS and MEU will help transform the future of the two countries and pave the way for the success of future generations.”
The University of Bedfordshire owes its stellar reputation to strong research coupled with an excellent teaching environment. Its curricula is specifically designed to provide students with advanced skills, allowing them to make the most of their university experience and giving them a high competitive edge upon entering the workforce.
The university is dedicated to developing its programmes and aims to increase its focus on research projects. It looks to foster a productive environment for the many students enrolled in the BA and MA programmes it currently offers and aid them in starting their careers, expanding their professional networks, and contributing positively to their respective fields

Amman – The Assistant President of the Middle East University Dr. Salim Sharif today honored Engineer Iyad Dhiab, one of the first graduates of the Department of Architecture, for donating a large number of books and pamphlets that his fellow students can benefit from. Students.
Dr. Sharif said that this decent behavior reflects the spirit of belonging to the university graduates towards their university and colleagues on the seats.
MEU is always keen to follow up its graduates in the labor market and communicate with them and offer them free courses important and specialized in several fields.

AMMAN – Middle East University participated in the “Modern Propensities of Architecture, Arts, Heritage, Literature, and Strategies of Development and Education in the Countries of the Mediterranean Basin – New Horizons in Creativity, Innovation, and Technology” conference, which was held in Alexandria, Egypt.
At the conference’s opening session, Dr. Tamara Yacoub Nasereddin, the Assistant to the President, spoke about MEU’s philosophy of social responsibility and its support of the arts, especially smaller artistic projects. She also emphasised the University’s enthusiasm towards partnering with the public sector and international universities.
Dr. Nasereddin spoke about the range of programmes hosted on MEU’s campus in cooperation with the University of Bedfordshire. The Assistant to the President also touched on MEU’s current partnerships with Arab and international universities, with the latest being the joint programme in pharmaceutical sciences run in cooperation with the University of Strathclyde. She added, “MEU’s efforts in establishing international partnerships serve our society by providing future Arab leaders with a strong educational background.”
Dr. Nasereddin praised the positive effect that the Capitals of Arab Culture programme has had on Jordan, which led to the establishment of the Cultural Cities project, saying that, “the project aims to shed light on the different traditions practiced in Jordanian cities and emphasise the role of culture and the arts in combating negative social habits.”
MEU’s participating delegation included Dr. Saeda Afaneh, the Head of the Department of Tourism Management at the Faculty of Business, and Dr. Nahla Al Nather, faculty member at the Department of Business Administration.

US media attaché praises strong ties with Jordan

Amman – The media attaché at the US Embassy in Amman and its spokesperson, Dan Mangs, praised the strong and stable historical and strategic relations between the United States and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, which last for nearly seventy years.

He said during his hosting, on Tuesday, in a dialogue platform downtown, which is broadcast from the Middle East University and presented by the media faculty member of the Faculty of Information, Dr. Hani Al-Badri, in the presence of His Excellency Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Dr. Yaqoub Nasser al-Din, and the President of the University Prof. Dr. Mohammed Al-Hila and a number of professors The students of the university, that these relations are objective, lasting and mutual respect.

He also touched on many aspects of US foreign policy, his country’s assistance to Jordan, and US positions on many issues in the region.

The American media attaché expressed his delight at visiting the Middle East University and the interaction of students and their culture and follow-up to various issues and local and foreign affairs.

For his part, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Dr. Yaqoub Nasser Al-Din, said that we have a great desire to have close cooperation between the Middle East University and the American Embassy, ​​within the framework of the University’s keenness to open up and share knowledge and open wide horizons for its students, outlining the highlights of the international programs hosted at the University.

He added that the Faculty of Media at the Middle East University is very distinct, and its founding “to contribute to the institutionalization of the media, and to have controls, ethics and accuracy of information.”

On the other hand, during a meeting between the American media attaché and the accompanying delegation, which included his assistant Jerome Sherman and media specialist Lina Salah, with the President of the Middle East University, Prof. Dr. Mohamed Al-Hila, Dean of the Faculty of Information, Dr. Ezzat Hijab, Dr. Kamel Khurshid, Head of the Press Department, and Dr. Hani Al-Badri – Discussing the possibility of cooperation between the two sides in several fields, establishing projects that contribute to supporting university students, holding joint courses and seminars, strengthening the English language among students, and opening the door for them to participate in events and activities organized by the Embassy.

AMMAN – The President of Middle East University (MEU), Prof. Mohammad Al Hileh, met with the Omani Embassy’s Cultural Attaché H.E. Ismael Al Bloushi and the accompanying delegation.

Welcoming the delegation, Prof. Al Hileh reiterated the University’s commitment to that the needs of all Arab students are met to ensure they progress and thrive. Professor Hileh also presented a brief overview of the University’s hosted and joint international programmes.

The Omani Cultural Attaché expressed his delight at the visit which comes as part of the embassy’s continued efforts to support Omani students studying in Jordan.

The Omani cultural attaché met with Omani students at MEU to discuss their experiences. He emphasised the importance of complying with rules and regulations, studying hard, choosing specialisations that respond to Omani market needs and represent their country in the best way possible.

MEU Celebrates the Birth of the Prophet Mohammad

Amman – The Deanship of Student Affairs at the Middle East University on Tuesday, under the patronage of the University President Prof. Dr. Mohammad Mahmoud Al-Hailah, held a ceremony to mark the anniversary of the birth of the Prophet.

The head of the Student Activities Department at the Deanship of Student Affairs, Noureddine Amawi, said in his speech during the ceremony, which was attended by a representative of the patron of the ceremony, Vice-President of the University, Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Al-Wadi, and deans of faculties, faculty members, administrative staff and students, He pointed out that his message, peace be upon him, is the message of Islam and peace tolerant good, and its approach to moderation contrary to extremism.

During the ceremony, the speeches of the owners talked about the morals and virtues of the Prophet peace be upon him, in addition to poems and songs and links, and religious prayers sung by the love of the Prophet and great morals, performed by Tunisian vocalist Mohamed Ayad accompanied by the “Coral” university.

Amman – The University of the Middle East and the Royal Jordanian National Defense College have agreed to strengthen cooperation between the two countries, after the two sides signed a joint cooperation agreement in 2017.
This came during a joint working session held at the Middle East University with a delegation from the Royal Jordanian National Defense College, during which HE Dr. Yaqoub Nasser Al-Din, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Middle East University, praised the high level of the Royal Jordanian National Defense College in the fields of strategic sciences and employment. In achieving national goals.
Dr. Yacoub Nasser Al-Din said that the Royal National Defense College is considered a university on a regional level and is a source of pride for all of us as Jordanians, stressing that “the Middle East University is ready to provide all its capabilities to serve the college, we consider that serving the homeland, under the leadership of His Majesty King Abdullah II ELHussein”.
During the meeting, which was attended by the President of the Middle East University, Prof. Dr. Mohammed Al-Hailah, his deputies and deans of faculties, and a number of senior officers of the Royal Jordanian College of Defense, he briefed the college on its programs, plans and future directions, expressing appreciation for the partnership with the University. The College invited the University to attend and participate in the courses, lectures and conferences held at the College, including the Amman Conference and Crisis Management Exercise.
The cooperation between the Middle East University and the Royal National Defense College includes research and academic cooperation, exchange of faculty members with the aim of learning about each other’s expertise and experiences, providing joint lectures by disciplines, exchanging information and expertise, enhancing joint cooperation with scientific research, holding conferences, seminars and joint workshops, and exchanging publications. And the participation of students from both sides in conferences, seminars and workshops held by one side, and the use of scientific references available in the university library.
A number of students from the National Defense College attended a lecture on cybersecurity by Dr. Raymond Brown as part of the joint program between the Middle East University and the University of Bedfordshire.

Amman – The Faculty of Educational Sciences at the Middle East University organized a visit to the “Axis International” schools in Amman, with the aim of introducing its students to the academic programs and specializations offered by the university.
Dr. Osman Nasser Mansour, Head of the Department of Curriculum and Management at the College, said during his visit that the schools’ Director General, Mr. Ahmed Masalmeh, that these visits represent a true embodiment and translation of the Middle East University mission, based on serving the local community, and support their children and support their abilities and care.
For his part, Mr. Masalmeh praised the efforts of the Middle East University and its reputation in serving the local community, pointing out the importance of such visits, which familiarize students with the academic programs and specializations offered by the university, and the extent of its ability to meet their ambitions in the future.
Dr. Osman Mansour briefed the students on the Middle East University and its constructive, continuous and continuous role in providing the best bonds of cooperation between the University and the local community.

Amman – The Middle East University received a German academic delegation from Hamburg Technical University to discuss ways of joint cooperation and enhancing knowledge and research exchange between the two sides.
During the meeting, which was attended by the Head of Renewable Energy Department, Dr. Samer Asaad, Vice President for Academic Colleges Affairs, Dr. Alaeddin Al-Halhouli stressed that the Middle East University opened new horizons for new types of cooperation in the fields of knowledge transfer and benefit from the best international experiences. Prestigious international universities, within the framework of the university’s strategy to open up to the global space to develop university science and teaching methods.
For his part, the German delegation praised the experience of the Middle East University in attracting and embracing international universities in the Kingdom, pointing to the excellence of academic and administrative efficiency that manages the university, which reflects positively on the level of higher academic education in Jordan, praising at the same time the depth of bilateral relations between the two countries. Jordan and Germany.
Dr. Al-Halhouli gave an explanation of the university, its faculties, departments and academic programs offered in various degrees, in addition to the academic programs and specializations of the University of Bedfordshire, and the British Bachelor of Pharmacy (MPharm) program with the University of Strathclyde.
It is worth mentioning that the Middle East University seeks to gain many international academic relations to provide a high quality education level in the Arab world.

Amman – A meeting was held at the Middle East University with a delegation from the University of Strathclyde, founded in Glasgow, Scotland in 1796, the UK’s first technology university, to develop a business plan for partnership in business, engineering, law, literature, science, information technology, and artificial intelligence. After the two universities launched a joint program for pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical sciences in mid-September.

A memorandum of understanding was signed between the two sides in preparation for continuing the procedures related to the accreditation and standards of academic accreditation, and the development of courses and study plans.

Dr. Yacoub Nasser Al-Din, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Middle East University, said after the talks and the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding that these programs with international universities, with a long history in academic education and scientific research will enhance our local experience to promote the higher education sector and make it more responsive to the requirements of development. Comprehensive, more in line with recent developments in various fields of science, the information technology revolution, the fourth industrial era.

He explained that these joint programs meet the vision of His Majesty King Abdullah II Ibn Al Hussein to develop education in our country Jordan, through its components based on the best quality standards in the region, and through openness to the best global experiences, and benefit from them through cooperation and practical partnership.

He added that these programs would attract Arab students to Jordan, with the consequent income from the hard currency of the country, as well as bringing the distance for Jordanian and Arab students to study in British universities in Jordan, which provides them with a lot of material and moral burdens, especially as certificates It is issued by these universities and is also accredited by the Jordanian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and hence from all similar ministries in Arab and friendly countries.