AMMAN – The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre at Middle East University held a meeting with representatives of Jordan Customs via Zoom to discuss the latest of their previously established cooperation. The two parties discussed the innovative solutions needed now more than ever in light of the Coronavirus crisis, and the safety procedures followed at the
AMMAN – A group of Graphic Design students at Middle East University’s Faculty of Architecture and Design initiated a project to develop a design concept for the University’s logo. The project was launched as a platform to endorse student creativity, and was supervised by Dr. Wael Abdulsabour. The design concepts presented by students showed their
AMMAN – The Chairman of Middle East University’s Board of Trustees, Dr. Yacoub Nasereddin, was hosted on Hayat FM to speak on the occasion of the 74th Independence Day, which Jordan celebrated on the 25th of May. Dr. Nasereddin took this opportunity to highlight the harmony between Jordan’s leadership and its people in overcoming crisis.
AMMAN – The Deanship of International Programmes at Middle East University, represented by the Department of Student and Academic Exchange, met with representatives of Erasmus+ Jordan via Zoom. The meeting was held to discuss current and future student and academic exchange projects, and was attended by a group of students who benefited from student exchange
AMMAN – The Pharmacy Education Journal, published by the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP), appointed the Dean of Pharmacy at Middle East University, Prof. Ammar al-Maaytah, as an Associate Editor. Prof. al-Maaytah was selected amongst candidates from all over the world who applied for a membership in the journal’s editorial team. The Pharmacy Education Journal was
AMMAN – Middle East University continues its successful distance learning experience in light of the Coronavirus pandemic. 99% of its students sat for their online final examinations without facing any technical issues, which is yet another achievement to be regarded for its ceaseless efforts to ensure the success and continuity of the educational process. The
AMMAN – RT Arabic hosted Ms. Farah Baddawi, the “Jordan Entrepreneurs 2020” Project Coordinator at Middle East University’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre, via Skype to speak about the first of its kind programme to be organised by a Jordanian university. The programme was launched last February and continues to hold activities, sessions, and interactive programmes
AMMAN – Middle East University; represented by the Chairman and members of the Board of Trustees, University President, Council of Deans, faculty members, administrative staff, and students; congratulates the member of the Board of Trustees and Doctor of Pharmacy, Dr. Ahmad Yacoub Nasereddin, on obtaining a PhD in Strategic Management with an excellent rating and
AMMAN – Dr. Abdelrahman Zuraik, the Director of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre, attended an interactive session via telecommunication, joining a group of students from Luminus Technical University College (LTUC) to discuss innovation and entrepreneurship. Dr. Zuraik, who is also a Global Trainer and Ambassador at the Global Innovation Management Institute (GIMI), said, “A successful
AMMAN – Middle East University adopts a vision for itself as a serious, committed, and seeking to learn university. It set itself on a mission to prepare leaders by fostering an environment that encourages learning, research, and community service. It cements the values of the Jordanian society in its students, whose capabilities contribute to the