AMMAN – The Deanship of Student Affairs at Middle East University concluded a football tournament for high school students called, “Military Retirees and Veterans Football Tournament” to honour Jordanian veterans and military retirees. Dr. Ayman Hindeye, the Assistant to the Dean of Student Affairs, awarded the International Independent Schools team the tournament’s cup after their
AMMAN – Researcher and Faculty of Educational Sciences student Lubna Ali al-Salaimeh defended her thesis “Principals’ Opinions on the Role of Social Media in Promoting the Organisational Citizenship Behaviour of Elementary School Teachers in Private Elementary Schools in Amman – An Analysis”. Ms. al-Salaimeh aimed to identify the role of social media in promoting teachers’
AMMAN – The Deanship of Accreditation, Quality and Information at Middle East University organised a course to train its faculty members on how to design online quizzes and homework assignments through using e-learning platforms such as Moodle. Dr. Ahmad al-Louzi, the Dean of Accreditation, Quality and Information, said, “The Department of Quality organises courses such
AMMAN – Researcher and Faculty of Educational Sciences student Hamzeh Mohammad Abdulmahdi defended his thesis “A Study of the Use of Active Learning Techniques by Arabic Language Middle School Teachers in Amman – An Analysis”. Mr. Abdulmahdi used a descriptive survey to examine the extent to which Arabic language teachers employ active learning techniques when
AMMAN – The Faculty of Architecture and Design at Middle East University organised a workshop on the “Inclusive Workplaces for People with Disabilities” project in cooperation with the Higher Council for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the Arab Network for Civic Education – Anhre. Attendees of the workshop included Prof. Aladdin Al Halhouli,
AMMAN – Dr. Abdelrahman Zuraik, the Director of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre at Middle East University, attended the “UAE Innovates” event, organised in celebration of the UAE Innovation Month. The event was also attended by officials of the Abu Dhabi Ports. Dr. Zuraik, who was a keynote speaker at the event, said, “This month,
AMMAN – Researcher and Faculty of Educational Sciences student Nisreen Ahmad Mahmoud Khamees defended her thesis titled, “Cooperative Teaching Methods and their Effect on Improving the Expressive Writing Techniques of Fifth Grade Students – An Analysis”. Ms. Khamees conducted this quasi-experimental study to identify the effect of using cooperative teaching instruction methods on improving fifth
AMMAN – Researcher and Faculty of Educational Sciences student Manoura Ziyad Mohammad Raqab defended her thesis, “School Principals and Administrators’ Views on the Relationship between Empowering Elementary School Leadership and the Increase in the Observed Positive Work Ethic”. In pursuing this research, Ms. Raqab’s goal was to define the degree to which providing elementary school
AMMAN – Researcher and Faculty of Educational Sciences student Bayan Hasan Aamar defended her thesis “The Effect of Employing Electronic Puzzles on Developing Fourth Grade Students’ Mathematical Procedural Fluency”. Ms. Aamar aimed to demonstrate the effect of regularly using electronic puzzles in the classroom on fourth grade students’ demonstrated procedural fluency. Ms. Aamar adopted a
AMMAN – Researcher and Faculty of Educational Sciences student Haneen Mahmoud Hasan defended her thesis “The Efficacy of the Decision-Taking Methods Employed by Principals at Private High Schools and Its Correlation with Crisis Management”. Ms. Hasan adopted a descriptive connective approach, and developed two surveys to collect data from randomly-selected 457 teachers, supervisors, and assistants