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AMMAN – Middle East University’s representatives appeared on multiple Jordanian TV channels in an effort to help follow the local, regional, and international developments of the COVID-19 crisis. The MEU representatives also prepared video and written reports to keep the public informed of the procedures the University is following to maintain the online teaching process,
AMMAN – The Council of Deans at Middle East University held its regular weekly meeting, led by the University President, Prof. Mohammad al-Hileh, via teleconference. Prof. al-Hileh thanked MEU’s academic and administrative staff for their efforts in continuing the University’s operations and ensuring the success of the distance learning process. The attendees discussed a range
AMMAN – Due to the current situation brought on by the spread of COVID-19, the Council of Deans at Middle East University held a teleconference led by the University President, Prof. Mohammad al-Hileh. The Council employed the e-learning technology used at the University to hold this meeting.   Participants included a number of support teams
AMMAN – Middle East University continues implementing its distance learning process through its e-learning platform successfully and efficiently, and is witnessing a high rate of student attendance. The Vice President for Scientific Faculties, Prof. Aladdin al-Halhouli, said, “MEU will continue applying distance learning strategies as an alternative to traditional teaching methods until the COVID-19 crisis
AMMAN – The Chairman of Middle East University’s Board of Trustees, Dr. Yacoub Nasereddin, addressed students in the light of the exceptional circumstances facing Jordan and the entirety of the world. Dear MEU staff, Dear students, Our beloved Jordan is going through difficult times, as is the case across the globe. We pray to God
The President of Middle East University, Prof. Mohammad al-Hileh, decided to pay the University staff 50% of their salaries on Tuesday evening so that they can access it by 8 A.M. on Wednesday morning. This was done in response to the Jordanian government’s decision to provide all support possible to Jordanians as they work to
AMMAN – Middle East University continues to hold emergency sessions in order to discuss local developments related to the spread of the Coronavirus. The University is prepared to take any precautionary measures to ensure the progression of its educational and administrative processes, and assure the safety of its workers. The University is also committed to
AMMAN – Middle East University hosted the Written Examination of Apprentice Lawyers, which was taken by more than 900 law graduates who wish to join the Jordan Bar Association (JBA). The University President, Prof. Mohammad al-Hileh, commended JBA’s good repute, stating, “The law profession is highly valued in the Jordanian community, as the study of
Kindly note that all placement exams have been postponed. New dates will be announced in due course. For more information please follow our announcements on Facebook, Instagram and MEU website.