Dr. Neal Wade

 Job Title: Lecturer

Department: Newcastle University – School of Engineering

Role in project: Researcher – Chairman of Scientific and Technical Committee (STeC)

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., websitePhone: +44 (0) 191 20 83586

Short bio: Dr Neal Wade is a Lecturer at Newcastle University, and he has worked as a lecturer for two years at Durham University and as Assistant Professor for two years at Awassa University, Ethiopia. He has worked as a Research Associate for six years on projects in renewable energy and electricity distribution. In his current role, he is research leader on projects in the electricity distribution and off‐grid power sectors and supervisor of PhD and MSc researchers. These projects are addressing the need to cost efficiently decarbonise the power sector over the next thirty years by facilitating innovative network integration of new generation and demand technologies. Computer simulation, laboratory investigation and demonstration projects are used together to produce new knowledge that delivers this requirement. Working with electricity distribution network operators, Neal has designed and implemented the first UK trials of grid connected energy storage and has designed the service scheduling system for the largest and first commercially justifiable grid connected energy storage system in the UK. He has applied and adapted his research to the off‐grid sector in low and middle income countries to analyse the impact of battery degradation and demand patterns on the lifetime cost of the system. Neal has given evidence to the Scottish government’s enquiry on security of supply and provided expert views to a committee advising on the Scottish Government’s energy policy review.