Ms.Rula Khader

Job Title: Head of Students Exchange & Travel Abroad Programs            

Department: International Affairs Office       

Role in project: Member in the project WP8, Dissemination and Promotion, Project Assistant.     

Contact: E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , web-site: , Phone: +962 6 4790222                        

Short bio: Received the BA Degree –Business Administration from University of Jordan in 2005 and the Master’s Degree in 2010, Now I am the Head of Students Exchange and Study Abroad Programs at Middle East University-International Affairs Office

I have an extensive experience in my field and I can communicate effectively with others. Also I am the Quality Assurance Officer at International Affairs office.

I have a big interest to be involved in such projects to develop my skills and abilities in project management and to meet new people with difference backgrounds and experience

In Addition I have a good experience in social media and digital marketing, I can work on developing the project website content, and to work on creating the other dissemination and promotion materials as well.