George E. Georghiou

Job Title: Director of FOSS research centre for Sustainable energy

Department: Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Role in project: WP5 leader

Contact: E-mail, web-site, Phone +357-22892272

Short bio: Dr George Georghiou received his BA, MEng, MA in 1996 and his PhD in 1999 from University of Cambridge. He is currently the leader of PV Technology at Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. He was a university lecturer and the undergraduate course leader in Electrical Engineering at the University of Southampton, and a Research Advisor for the Electricity Utilization, University of Cambridge. DrGeorghiou is currently a member of the CENELEC and IEC TC82 committees on PV and is acting as an expert evaluator for FP7 energy proposals as well as being a member of CIGRE and the European Solar Energy Industrial Initiative. He also represents Cyprus on the FP7 Energy Committee, SET plan committee and the European Mirror Group.