AT-SGIRES smart grid Training Centre


The vision of the training centre consists of providing industrials and academics with the know-how necessary to reach competency in the field of smart grid and grid connected systems. 


The mission of the training centre is to provide high quality and efficient trainings to all the stakeholders in the field of smart grid and grid connected systems that include both theoretical and hands-on experience while taking into consideration the background, needs, and constraints of the trainees.  

Training centers goals

The goal of the training centre developed under ATSGIRES consists assisting in facilitating the development of a well‐trained, highly skilled smart grid workforce in partner countries.  The reach of the centre encompasses all the stakeholders from industry to academia

Technical advisory board

Dr. Adib Allahham – Newcastle University, United Kingdom

Dr. Ghassane Aniba – Mohammadia School of engineering, Morocco

Dr. Hani Mohsen – German Jordanian University, Jordan

Dr. Raed Alsharra – Damascus University, Syria

Technical training committee

Dr. Hani Mohsen – German Jordanian University, Jordan

Prof. Ala’aldeen Al-Halhouli – German Jordanian University, Jordan

Dr. Samer As’ad – Middle East University, Jordan

Eng. Ansam Sawalha – Middle East University, Jordan

Dr. Zaid Al-Halhouli – Tafila Technical University, Jordan

Dr. Jumana Alshawawreh – Tafila Technical University, Jordan

Dr. Ghassane Aniba – Mohammadia School of engineering, Morocco

Dr. Mohammed Ouassaid – Mohammadia School of engineering, Morocco

Dr. Ahmed Khallaayoun – Al-Akhawayn University, Morocco

Dr. Mohammad Chraibi – Al-Akhawayn University, Morocco

Dr. Raed Alcharea –  Damascus University, Syria

Dr. Ghaith Warkozek –  Damascus University, Syria

Dr. Samer Rabih –  Al-Baath University, Syria

Dr. Rami Mousa –  Al-Baath University, Syria

Contact and Information

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Types of membership program

The industry partners as part of the membership program can benefit from training to keep their technical staff up to date and have access to the state-of-the-art laboratories. Tables 1 and 2 shows the membership benefits depending on the type of the membership for industry, and the associated cost. The membership benefits vary from a personalized full access for associate members to silver membership and of course individuals can also take part of training for a fixed cost of 200 USD. Registering as an associate membership provide the members full access to all the benefit that center offers and those benefit go down as the membership type moves from gold to silver.  Individual can register and takes part of regular tailored training programs.  

Join our Membership option and get access to:

State-of-the-art laboratory equipment.

Experts in field.

The comprehensive AT-SGIRES network.

Financial benefits (discounted tailored and A LA CARTE trainings, workshops, and webinars).

Exclusive access to information shared with the network and partners including our newsletters.

Access to the e-learning platform that houses 8 complete modules on smart grid and grid connected systems.

Possibility to build future partnerships and research projects with the partners (national and international).

Have access to potential certifications when applicable.


Table 1: Membership Benefits depending on the type of the membership for industrial stakeholders

Membership Benefits

Associate membership

Gold Membership

Silver Membership

Tailored training program on different smart grid and grid connected topics. 




Discounted Personalized A-la-carte‘ training (up to 2 free training for associate members per membership period).




Technical Training Support beyond the regular training




Assistance with laboratory training beyond the training




Discounts on regular tailored training programs




Access to state of art smart grid laboratory during the training




Access to state of art smart grid laboratory beyond the training




Unlimited Access to the E-learning platform and Modules/courses 




Access to ATSGIRES Network




Access to the training centers newsletters





Table 2: Membership cost in USD for different types

Type of membership

Associate membership (in USD)

Gold Membership

Silver Membership

Membership Cost

(up to 20 employees)




Register as an individual (access to tailored training only)

200 per training 

Basic modules/courses:

Smart Grids and Grid-Connected Systems

Distribution Automation and Building Energy Management

ICT and Cyber Security for Smart Grids

Coming up

First public training on smart grid and grid connected systems by ATSGIRES training centre


Smart Grids and Grid-Connected Systems


3 Full Days

Training Agenda: (A more detailed agenda will be shared soon)

Day 1: The Basic of Smart Grid and Grid-Connected Systems

This Training will introduce the audience to the international and national development towards the future’s renewable electric energy system, and the concept known as smart grid. The starting point is the understanding the benefits, characteristics, and pillars of smart grids. The training will present the basis to understand the role of energy storage system, active network management, optimal power flow and voltage control techniques. The training will the trainees with basic knowledge about the uncertainty in power system

Day 2:  Technological Innovation on Smart Grids and Renewable Energy Sources

Day 2 will covers technical characteristics of the smart grid, developing smart grids for a low-carbon future, microgrids and distributed energy future.  Innovative renewable energy sources, Introducing the concepts of various components of the smart grid, and smart generation (resources and potentials) including renewables energy resource (wind & solar), and energy storage systems, Substations in Smart Grids, test technologies for the smart grid, for the smart grid, Data acquisition systems for Smart Grids, Dispatching center and energy management in Smart Grids.

Day 3: Hands-on practice and introduction to the use of Hardware-in-Loop simulation for testing smart grid components.



École Mohammadia d'Ingénieurs


German-Jordanian University


Damascus University

Training Cost (please convert to your local currency)

Industrials = 200 USD


Students = 50 USD

Faculty = 100 USD

The cost excludes the cost of stay or food