Human Rights Center

The Center was established by a decision of the President of the University and the approval of the University Board of Trustees on Saturday, 09/12/2017.

The Center for Human Rights at the Middle East University is a specialized center for human rights.

1. Conducting studies and researches and publishing or participating in conferences and seminars related to human rights issues.
2. Contribute, participate and participate in promoting awareness of the culture of citizenship and human rights and the exercise of democracy and the associated rights and duties of various groups of society, especially youth and women.
3. Building a network of relations and partnership with human rights institutions in Jordanian, Arab and international universities.
4. Contribute to updating and developing special human rights materials in the study plans.
5. To provide researchers and scholars in the fields of human rights inside and outside the university from available information, which is available at the Center.
The achievements and activities of the Center for Human Rights / Middle East University start from its executive plan in line with the executive plan of the university.