Engineering Services Department

Since its establishment, the Department of Engineering and Services started to strive to provide the best possible services and maintain public safety and security for all university employees, students and visitors. The Department works to create the appropriate university climate within it, which ensures that it remains at its high levels while striving for the best services in all its forms. Our belief in scientific and practical values ​​and in line with the spirit of the times as a fundamental basis for our work and ideas for projects in order to achieve the benefit and continuity of all university buildings and also to develop the surrounding environment either on campus or outside, where all workers The three departments of the Department: (Services Section, Security and Protection Section, Maintenance Department, Buildings and Facilities) are committed to its vision of excellence in providing services in order to achieve a competitive university environment, to emphasize through the Department’s mission to improve the quality of engineering and technical services to the university infrastructure and ensure its safety and sustainability, through achieving Objectives of the Department and the implementation of policies and procedures officially approved by the Presidency of the University.
Focusing on fighting university violence among students and following up on their problems and new ones in a follow-up, confidential and assertive manner to preserve the safety of students, employees and visitors through guarding sites and facilities around the clock and following up their cases, in addition to monitoring everything related to the security and safety of the university in accordance with the policy (security and safety of students). This department undertakes the tasks of cleaning buildings through contracting with qualified and qualified cleaning companies with experience and ability in this field and follow up maintenance work in a professional manner distinctive craftsmanship and the presence of a qualified technical cadre that meets all the needs of the work of electrical and sanitary and mechanic With a clear policy of work, and work to maintain green squares and care for trees and plants by providing irrigation water from the purification plant located within the university after recycling, purification and filtering water coming from the university facilities.