Presidency Department

The Department of Presidency, between the President of the University and the people who deal with it, is composed of: The University’s main office, the Secretariat of the field, and the legal department, and participates in the presidency of the organization of the work of the presidency, in terms of: the organization of data, information, documents, communications, and correspondence issued and received It concerns the work of the Presidency, supervises its registration, distribution, preservation, documentation, paper and electronic, and deals with it in an institutional manner.
The Presidency Department shall prepare books, memoranda and decisions of the President and follow up the procedures. Training courses at United Nations Headquarters for Ministers and Students. The Department shall submit to the Rector
Established in 2005/2006, the Presidency aims to achieve a number of objectives: providing energy in the driving environment, building bridges of communication inside and outside the university, contributing to providing the necessary information accurately and quickly, and coordinating the working relations between the concerned parties inside and outside the university.